Many exceptional books already filled the shelves, making the idea of adding another seem unnecessary. However, fate steered me toward a group led by someone renowned for his unique gift of foresight. Upon spotting me, he declared, "I see a book in you, 'Destiny by Design.'" I replied casually, "Maybe someday, that's intriguing."

After leaving Florida, I explored Philadelphia and New York City, contemplating potential relocations. Yet, upon learning of my mother's declining health, I redirected my path to Houston, choosing to care for her temporarily. During those days by her side, reflecting on God's remarkable ways, I felt the calling to finally write my story.

My purpose now is to share God's limitless love through my life's journey, illuminating the path for those unfamiliar with Him, strengthening the faith of the doubtful, and guiding those who've strayed back to their intended Destiny.

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