There are so many wonderful books out there, I didn't see a reason to add one more. Then one day, I was invited to a group that was led by a guy who I was told had a special gift of prophecy. When he saw me, he said with confidence, "I see a book in you, Destiny by design". So, I responded, "yeah, that's interesting, maybe someday".
I left Florida soon afterwards and traveled to Philadelphia and New York City to explore potential places to move, but when I learned of my mother's ailing health, I decided to move to Houston, temporarily, to care for her.
When the covid lockdown lifted, I attended a prophetic ministry, at the church in Houston I had begun to attend, and one of the ladies of the ministry team mentioned that as she prayed for me, she kept having a vision of a book. I felt that the time had finally come to write my story.
My purpose is to share God's love through my life so that people who don't know Him will find him, those struggling with their faith will have it strengthened, and those who lost their faith will have it renewed, and reclaim their God given Destiny.

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